There is something about snow that makes life slow down. Maybe it’s the way the snow falls. Maybe it’s the floating fluff of uniqueness that forces me to observe. Maybe it’s the still ‘quiet’ that you hear as it snows. Snow changes me.

I appreciate things more.

I listen.

I am not rushed.

Have you ever watched a snowflake fall? Big fluffy flakes, or small little powder puffs, snow falls on its own time. Gently, as if not to disturb the world around, but gracefully enough to be purposeful.

Each snowflake is different. ¬†Crystalized pieces of snowy art. If I look away, I might just miss the most beautiful snowflake ever existed… I stay present in the snowfall, undistracted.

Graceful, peaceful and unique.

Snow seems to cover the world with an innocence that simply can’t be rushed. Snow asks for a warm fire and a cup of cocoa. Snow gives reason to stay indoors and cuddle. Snow brings a calm to the hectic day to day grind. A chance to hear quiet and feel peace.

A reminder to slow down.

Take time to look around.

Feel the quiet and savor beauty.

Look beyond the expectations, the lists, the have-to’s, the pressing schedule……and just be, for a moment, at peace.