So Many Bulbs, So Little Time

It’s been 5 days since I’ve written anything. 5 days of frantically planting all the bulbs that were left from the bulb dig. Of course, since there’s never enough bulbs, I also had the chance to dig at a few abandoned homesteads near my In-laws……I suppose “crazy is as crazy does”!!!

Nevertheless, there are bags of bulbs EVERYWHERE.

I’ve spent every waking moment digging and planting. Separating, weeding and planting. Creating new gardens, expanding old gardens, digging and planting. My body feels like I have been put through a meat-grinder.

It’s actually been a great 5 days.

So, my dear garden friends, please pardon this short, nonsensical little blog…..The sun is out and I must go get a shovel and some dirt on my hands!

Happy Gardening, my friends!