So ridiculously hot

108 degrees.

Really, Texas?

Drought AND 108 degrees……….

Really? You are going to do this to your gardens and trees?

Every morning, I wake and I pray. Truly, we are desperate for rain. I have many friends who have wells that are now dry. Birds, deer, furry little critters and flying creatures are all thirsty.. I actually had three hummingbirds drink from the spray of the hose yesterday…..desparation will cause even the birds to ask for help.

I am fortunate to have heirloom bulbs, natives and old trees in my gardens……they are all Texas tough. The trees are 300 years old, and the bulbs are older than my grandparents. These plants and trees have seen many droughts. This drought will be no different…..

The rain WILL come.

The heat WILL diminish.

The earth WILL be restored.

Summer gardens in the South can be tough. I always feel it is the season for putting out fires…literally. ┬áHere are a few of my summer garden to-do’s that keep my mind focused on helping my summer gardens through this drought stricken time…..

*Water by hand the ones that are struggling.

*Mulch like a madman.

*Pull weeds to keep them from from stealing the nutrients and water from your beloved plants.

*Feed and water the thirsty little critters…..even the bees need water to pollinate. Be sure to drink a lot of water as well…..heat stroke and dehydration are no fun.

*Survey the land every morning……many flowers will bloom, but if you blink too long you might miss it.

It’s another hot day today in Texas. No end in sight……but have hope. The rains will come, and the earth will once again be restored.

Happy Gardening, my friends.