Song Birds

The familiar sound of a song bird is like music to my soul.

After a long week in the big city, it’s so good to be home. It’s the little things I missed… gardens, my early morning writing, my peaceful moments of just hearing the birds sing. I tried to relate to the small gardens around trees and window boxes. Somehow the formality kept my gardening heart at arm’s length. I also tried to relate to the pigeons, my absolute favorite bird. The street-smarts of the city pigeon gave them the name “flying rats” among locals….much to my disapproval. I longed for the gardening oasis of my sweet little farmhouse studio and gardens.

It’s interesting to that in all the hustle and bustle of modern life….the simplest joys in life have been lost. Planting gardens, being at peace and simply listening to the song of a bird.

It’s good to be home.

Tomorrow, I will give a full report of the gardens.  I expect there will be a mountain of garden chores to do. Many of the gardens are young, so I’m really excited to see the growth. I’m also excited to see my chickens, pigeons and bunnies. My little farm oasis in the middle of my sweet, little Texas Hill Country town…..