“Still No Rain”

“Still No Rain. Still No Rain in Texas.”

-John Arthur Martinez

I recently had the pleasure to perform with the Cervalis String Quartet, alongside J.A.M. and his band. “Still No Rain” continues to play in my mind as I gaze upon the burnt Texas Landscape.

It’s been a long time since we’ve had rain. Every storm that passes, ranchers and farmers just keep saying the same words…..Still No Rain. Rumors of another drought circle and haunt each of us. I admit….sometimes my thoughts question having the gardens. There seems to be an endless amount of work to do to simply save a flower…..and there’s still no rain in Texas.

The wild things everywhere are also feeling the thirst for rain. My simple acts of caring for the gardens create a haven for all life. A sanctuary. A place to drink. A place to rest. A place to preserve life, while there is still no rain.

And so I keep working to save my gardens…..and all that they bring.

I am hopeful the rains will come.