Texas Dirt Under My Nails

In spite of the fact that I leave for New York today and haven’t packed, I spent yesterday in the garden. Not only did I pull weeds and organize the potting shed, I dug up a bunch of plants from the flooded house. Honestly, it was a really odd time to dig.

I’m not sure what possesses someone like me to dig RIGHT BEFORE LEAVING….fully knowing that the plants will not be planted readily. Personally, I see it as garden therapy (or atleast that is what I’m telling myself!) So, on a whim, I drove by my old house and had planned on just quietly “surveying” the old gardens….letting my thoughts and praises for the Lord resonate, and let the beauty of Spring wash over me.

But I saw a shovel……

At first I dug up a Crinum. Then another. Then a bunch more.┬áThen I noticed the Tropical White Spider Lilies were coming out of dormancy, so I dug those up too. And a few more Crinum…and then Day Lilies that were hiding under a mammoth blooming Antique Rose.

By that time, I was fully invested in the dig. No more clean clothes, hands were filthy and my only thought was “How am I going to fit these plants in the back of the Ford Explorer without getting mud everywhere?” (My husband’s voice of reason is always ever present)

In the next 15 minutes (because I still had violin lessons to teach), I dug up 3 massive Native Mist plants, 8 Gregg’s Mist, a large Salvia, Lantana, a slew of Oxbloods, Spiderwort, Martha Gonzales Antique Rose, and some large Prarie White Rain Lilies. I’m probably leaving something out, but given the time limit I had, that list is impressive enough even for me!

I stuffed the plants into the back of our old Ford Explorer (I will have some explaining to do later) and headed to the studio….filthy and elated. How does digging in a garden make you feel so satisfied?

All the plants were potted up, watered and placed lovingly in the cool shade of the potting shed. I will have Rhonda, my gardening buddy, water them while I am away. They will be ready to go in the ground when I return.

My gardening friend, Melanie, explained it best…….”It’s always good for the soul to have some Texas dirt under your nails.” Yes, Melanie. You are absolutely right. It’s SO good for the soul.

Today I leave for New York, with Texas dirt under my nails. Such a good feeling to just be in the dirt, digging like a madman. Garden therapy for the soul and refreshing on so many levels. If you have stress or anxiety like I do, I HIGHLY suggest get out there and dig. Just dig. God placed Adam and Eve in the garden for a reason. It was in the beauty of the garden that the Lord walked with them, in the cool of the morning. A beautiful reminder of what is really important.

Happy Gardening, my friends. Just dig, and get some dirt under those nails!