Thank You, Hill Country Bloomers!

I love talking to other gardeners who share the same passion in gardening. It is especially nice to meet of few of these smiling gardening faces in person.

A few days back, I gave a zoom talk on heirloom bulbs to the Hill Country Bloomers, a wonderful facebook community. I am not very zoom-worthy, but they had me anyway. I had a wonderful time getting to know some of the folks in the group. On Saturday, a few of the Bloomers came out to the gardens at the Agape Haus Studio.

I am pleased to say I had a lovely time getting to chat with some fellow gardeners…but the real treat was digging up hundreds of Oxblood Lily bulbs to share with gardeners. It makes me heart happy.

I was also able to share an old, heat-tolerant Lilac. I had propagated this plant from a very old species that was growing down the street, in the old part of Llano. The Lilac survived decades of neglect, including unbearable heat and drought. I am SO happy I dug some off-shoots up because the plant was unfortunately bulldozed down about 2 months ago. 🙁 I will try to get more growing for those of you with Lilac memories from your childhood.

Lots of bulbs dug and shared this weekend…Oxbloods, Paperwhites, Star of Bethlehem, Sternbergia, Oxalis and others I can’t remember because it is early morning, and I’m still on my first cup of tea. 🙂

Happy Gardening, my friends! The Spring Bloom is fast approaching. #can’twait !!!!