Thank You, United Methodist ARMY Missions

The chickens received a big blessing of safety this week, as the UN ARMY provided a new fence for my little studio.

It’s been a busy week. I was actually stuck in Dallas without electricity, due to a storm that wiped out all electrical for over 3 days. People get crazy in the summer without A.C., and driving without stoplights is more like a game of “who is going to follow the rules and who is not?”  Let’s just say that was an experience in itself. While I was stuck up in crazy-no-electricity-land, a delightful group of teens and young adults came to the Agape Haus Music Studio and Garden. I have been overwhelmed by their kindness and goodness.

The prospect of having a new fence for the Agape Haus started a few months ago when I was approached by David Griffith, a board member for the mission organization UN ARMY. David asked if I’d like to be a part of their mission this year. He told me about the kids who would be in Llano from all over the State, coming to help out Non-Profits. The Agape Haus and Garden Project aren’t technically a non-profit, but David thought the ministries provided through the gardens were exactly what the UN ARMY mission was for. . I was thrilled, and it didn’t take me long to blurt out an excited “YES!!!!” David asked what I needed most. I remembered the 40 plus chickens that have been killed by the neighbor’s dogs. I asked for a fence to protect my little farm.  David smiled and put the plan into action.

The kids had already started working on the fence while I was gone. When I arrived, they were sitting under the big Live Oak tree eating their lunch. Each young adult stood up, smiled and politely shook my hand. I felt so loved and welcomed onto my own property. We spent the afternoon togerher pulling weeds, planting bulbs, moving rock, building a fence and talking.  I learned about their dreams and struggles. I shared my testimony of God’s grace, goodness and provision through the flood.  It was an amazing time.

The following day, the kids arrived and finished the fence. I just so happened to have a group of Chamber Musicians in the studio, so we performed some Handle and Corelli for them.  I heard one young lady say “This was my favorite part of the whole week!!!” I must admit, an impromptu concert in A.C., after a week of hard labor are, indeed, pretty cool (excuse the pun).

In our current world of such chaos, there are still some beautiful truths out there. Kids are still kids. If you serve them ice cream, a smile will undoubtedly follow. Kids are full of big hopes and dreams. It’s awesome to hear the stories of their lives.  Kids also want to be a part of something. Working together, while helping eachother build a fence, appeared to be a day at Disneyland. I loved hearing the talking, laughter and smiles.

I have been completely blessed by the generosity and love shown through UN ARMY. My chickens are now safe and can continue to lay their eggs and donate to those in need. The gardens are loved and my heart is full. The Garden Project will continue to resume it’s little ministry in providing at-risk and special needs kids jobs in the garden.

Happy Gardening, my friends.