The 4th Annual Oxblood Lily Give-Away

The Beautiful Oxblood Lily.

The Oxblood Lily, commonly known as the Schoolhouse Lily or the Hurricane Lily, blooms with the first rainfall after a long, hot Summer. The Oxblood Lily signifies the ending of Sumner, and welcomes Fall with a deep shade of red. There are few Heirloom Bulbs, if any, that are as hardy and prolific as the Oxblood…..which is why I have the pleasure to give some bulbs away.

For the last 25 years, I have rescued Oxblood Lilies from house tear-downs, bull-dozers and cement trucks. I have climbed barbed wire fences and ripped jeans, wrestled rattlesnacks, tracked down old homestead owners, and have fought many thorny weeds and poison ivy….all for the sake of a bulb. I’ve met many lovely people in the process and have enjoyed every moment of salvaging this part of historical beauty.

This is not my business. This is my love.

I totally and completely love the Oxblood Lily.

I’ve written a few articles in Heirloom Gardener Magazine about the lovely Oxblood Lily. “For the Love of a Bulb” and “Saving the Gardens for Miss Margaret”. I’d send along the link, but that’s too technologically-savy for me. I just like to write….

And dig.

And give away Heirloom Bulbs.

So here it is. In April, when the bulbs are beginning to sleep for their long, hot rest during the summer, I will have around 500 Oxblood Lilies to share. If you’d like your name on the list, email me at I will keep a running list. Each person should get around 3 bulbs that are from Miss Margaret’ s beloved gardens. I think she would be pleased that her Oxblood Lilies were salvaged and shared. (The beautiful historic house and gardens were torn down to make way for a police station, which broke my heart.)

You can also come visit me and get some Oxbloods anytime. Check out Agape Haus Music Studio in Llano, Texas. By appointment only. 🙂

Merry Christmas, my lovely Heirloom Bulb-loving friends. Hope to hear from you!