The Calling

“God will equip those He calls, He doesn’t just call the equipped.”

Unknown fact about Heirloombulbgirl #1……I am not too techno-savy.

In fact, I hate the computer. I don’t even know how to type. This website has really tested my learning curve. I am having to figure out things on a screen that don’t always play nice. I make a lot of mistakes. So many questions remain as I finish the website. I actually prefer pen and paper with my hands in the dirt.

But somehow, in spite of my deficiencies, a website was born. My passion for rescuing heirloom bulbs is pushing me out of my comfort zone, onto a computer screen and into the 21st century!. The dream of getting heirloom bulbs into the hands of gardeners has been ever present. I have talked about a website for 10 years, but I always heard the same answer……

“Just keep digging.” (Try to explain that one to people who think a few thousand Oxbloods is enough already!!!)

The website wasn’t thought of again until I started working with troubled teenagers in the gardens. All of a sudden, everything came full circle……selling heirloom bulbs would provide the income to support The Garden Project, which helps at -risk, troubled and autistic teens grow, harvest and sell garden goods. What a crazy thought. I”m so unequipped!

But God doesn’t always call the equipped. Quite the contrary. He equips those He calls.

I truly think we all have a calling. Something that sets us apart. Something that makes the world a better place…….whether it’s rescuing bulbs, adopting and fostering children, working with the elderly, planting a garden, being a mission minded person, being a teacher or a doctor, a garden lover working at a grocery store, or being a loving  parent and friend. Actually, the list is endless.

God calls each of us, and uses our unique talents, desires and dreams for His purpose….to make a difference.

Answer your calling.

Step out in the unknown.

Be brave and trust God.

“God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips those He calls.”