The Cheerfulness of Fall Crocus

Yellow is the happiest color there is. There, I said it. How’s that to start a blog with an opinion written as if it were fact? But in this case, it really is a fact. 🙂

Yellow is the most luminous of all the colors. The human eye actually processes yellow before any other color. In almost every culture around the world, yellow represents sunshine, warmth, and happiness. Yellow is also known to represent hope and optimism. The Crocus, especially yellow Crocus, is a symbol of joy and cheerfulness. Crocus “bloom when you need it”…..and in Texas after a long, hot summer, we need it!!!

Yellow flowers are like sunshine that emerges in the middle of a cloudy day. The bold, bright shades of yellow attract everything from children to chickens. The yellows in a garden just make you smile. Take a sunflower, for instance. Sunflowers are frequently given at graduations or special anniversaries as a symbol of optimism for good times to come. (People would probably give Fall Crocus for special moments, but they only bloom for two weeks out of the year, which becomes a problem. Ha!)

In my gardens, the Fall Crocus have emerged. Happiness is all around. When people visit the gardens, the Fall Crocus is one of the first flowers people notice. (Remember, the eye notices the color yellow first!)

“What on earth is that GORGEOUS Yellow flower?”

A Fall Crocus.

“A Crocus? In the Fall??????”

Ok…..Disclaimer. The Fall Crocus actually goes by it’s proper name…..Sternbergia. I will bet your lip just curled up as if you just saw someone you love do something completely hideous. The name alone is enough to drive me away from ever ordering these heirloom bulbs. That is why I call them by their common, more poetic name…..Fall Crocus. In any case, they are a garden knock-out and a total yellowy delight.

If you’d like some Fall Crocus, please email me at Bulbs are $5 each. These heirloom bulbs are drought resistant and will multiply for you. A great investment for a beautiful, rich yellow flower for your Fall garden.

Happy Gardening, my friends!