The Cool Factor of Spiderwort

Some plants are just cool. For instance, take Spiderwort.

The name itself runs off half the gardeners reading this blog. Spiders and Warts are just not cool to think about, let alone have them in your garden. Spiderwort is a flower confident in herself, so she rises above her name. It’s like meeting the most beautiful girl in the world, with a name like Amos.

Once you get past the name, you discover Spiderwort is tough. Literally, Spiderwort will grow beyond her circumstances. Her internal fortitude to “bloom where you are planted” is truly inspirational. If i were a flower, I’d want to be a Spiderwort…..nothing superficial about this gal. I obtained my collection of Spiderwort plants from a field by my house. I soon had Spiderwort growing in places no other plant would dare to grow. I’ve had a Spiderwort grow in a crack in the road, year after year. Spiderwort is a Perennial, so she continues to thrive in the WORST conditions possible. Her goal? Simply to bloom in spite of the obstacles set before her. She clings to life,, and chooses beauty, against all odds. Spiderwort is a great reminder to me of who I want to be.

Spiderwort is always one of the first flowers to bloom in the Spring. She will bloom alongside your Daffodls and Spring Wildflowers. She is a perfect companion for your Spring Bulb collection. Like bulbs, her foliage will remain green until the heat of the summer.

Spiderwort is actually part of the Dayliliy family. Each of the beautiful Easter Egg colored flowers bloom during the day, then close for the night. The roots are large, fleshy, octopus-tentacle type of root that pull apart easily, if you choose to divide. Spiderwort is very prolific, as the flowers will quickly turn to seed. Spiderwort and Daylilies are my favorite non-bulb flowers. Both┬áplants grow like a bulb, and so I lump them into my “favorite flower category”…. Heirloom Bulbs.

If you do not have Spiderwort in your garden, I highly recommend that you stop reading, and go order some Spiderwort RIGHT NOW. Infact, order it yesterday. Plant Spiderwort in an area where she can enjoy spreading her plant wings. Plant Spiderwort in a nice wildflower meadow under some trees, and let nature take it’s course. Soon, you will have birds, bees and butterflies visiting your natural oasis of a garden…..and it all started with a beautiful flower with an ugly name.

Spiderwort. Coolness beyond description……

When I grow up, I want to be a Spiderwort.

Happy Gardening, my friends! May you see beyond the obvious, and look for beauty everywhere…..even among spiders and warts.