The Drive-By Bulb Salvage

Every few weeks I do a drive-by of the flooded house. I’m secretly hoping the Lady Tulips will appear, so I can dig them up. Very few bulbs remain where we used to live. I’m like a drug addict in bulb-salvaging clothes….I just can’t help myself. I *have to* salvage every single, solitary bulb from the flooded house.

There. I said it.

Admitting I have a bulb-salvaging problem is half the battle to stop my impulsive behavior. Digging inbetween violin lessons in nice clothes and no shovel is just not smart….but I did salvage a few goodies that I am excited about. 🙂

First, I found I nice little clump of Star of Bethlehem bulbs. Some people are not fond of these bulbs. I actually received an email once about the invasiveness of this little beauty. Some call it invasive, bulb lovers call it “naturalizing”. Honestly, what’s not to love about a beautiful white stary flower that flowers just once a year? Since I didn’t have a shovel, so I dug the bulbs out by hand.

I also searched around for the little purple Alium that I received from a gardener in Colorado 15 years ago. I think I found a few….or atleast, I am hoping. I dug those bulbs out by hand as well.

Then, just like that, I was back at violin lessons with dirty hands and a happy heart.

Tomorrow, I might have to do a drive-by with a shovel. There are still some Oxblood Lilies, Iris, Crinum and other little Heirloom Bulbs that remain on the grounds…..just waiting for someone like me to do a drive-by bulb salvaging dig.

Happy Gardening, my friends!