The End of a Season

It had been a long, heavy summer.

Endless days of triple digits turned into weeks, and then into months. I began to wonder if it’d ever rain again. Was this heat the new norm?

I’m not going to lie…..I get super stressed with extreme weather conditions. I worry about my gardens like other people worry about their pets. The idea of watching gardens die is just too much for me.

But finally, after what seemed like an endless summer, the rains came. Infact…..after 8 days, it is STILL raining. Our little town has received over 5 glorious inches so far. I love the way nature snaps back to life so fast.

Rain Lilies and Oxblood Lilies are everywhere. Spider Lilies are beginning to wake up. Native wildflowers and other perennials are coming back to life. The world is full of hope and restoration.

Seasons do change…..even the season of drought. Each season in life ┬áhas a purpose. Either we are preparing for the hard winter or a hard summer, or we are planting seeds for the Spring bloom. If we are in the midst of a particularly difficult growing season, our perspectives need to remain steadfast.

“This too will pass.”

Too many times, we get stuck in a seasonal rut.

“I wish it would snow like it does in winter.”

“I wish I could go outside like I can in the fall.”

“I wish my bulbs would hurry up and bloom like they do in the spring”

“I wish I could eat fresh tomatoes like I did last sunmer”

I wish. I wish. I wish. I wish.

I did a lot of wishing this summer too. I couldn’t imagine why anyone wanted to live in the south. I wished for a winter. I wished for Spring again. I simply wished away months.

Then, after the rains came, my perspective changed. There is a time for every season under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to reap. A time for war and a time for peace. My hard, summer season remibded me, once again, of the beauty of the seasons.

The purpose of the season change.

The garden jobs and life duties for each new season is unique, and each season has importance. Seasons are vital to the garden….even triple digit summers.

Over the next few months, I will be writing down reminders of the importance of each season, along with seasonal garden chores. It helps me to keep focused during the tough times.

Droughts do end.

The rains do come.

Seasons do change.

Happy Gardening, my friends. As always, if you see a bulb you like on the website or Instagram, just email me….I also always happy to share what I have.