The First Daffodil of the Season

There are few flowers more hopeful and happy than a Daffodil. Daffodils are like the early Spring sunshine on a stem. Not the hot, summer sunshine like that of a Sunflower, but still sunny and happy nonetheless. In a landscape of winter greys and soft whitss, a soft, yellow flower is a welcoming surprise.

I have loved Daffodils ever since I was a young child. In those early Montana garden days, we had a non-garden area by the den window. Our Cocker Spaniel, Cedric, was a crazy dog and would just run back and forth in front of that old window, as my brother and I played on the fort. That poor, desolate area of trampled ground contained a single Daffodil that tried it’s best to bloom, inspite of all of our childhood shenanigans. “Sir Cedric the Third”, Ceddie for most casual days, had more energy than ten toddlers. He tore up that patch of earth as he endlessly chased his own reflection in the window. I was always amazed at the Daffodil which grew up through the snow, in such awful surroundings. I looked forward to seeing that little Daffodil, and knew that Spring was soon to arrive. I tried to keep everyone away from the Daffodil once it started growing, usually without much luck. Cedric would plow down the sticks as soon as I would put them up……I should’ve just dug it up like I do now. Clearly, I wasn’t that savy back then. Even as a child I only understood the need to protect these beautiful bulbs.

The first Daffodils in my Texas gardens just started blooming. These heirloom bulbs were dug a few years back from an old grey little house which had been vacant for many years. The bright, happy Daffodils that lined the front of the house bloomed every year without fail. I happened to have a chance meeting with the original gardener’s son and he found out I had always loved the Daffodils. I was offered to dig up some bulbs and I was absolutely thrilled.

“Mom would want her flowers to go to another gardener, instead of just getting neglected. She’d be happy knowing her flowers would be enjoyed again.”

Naturally, I was happy to oblige. In fact, I think I dropped everything and drove right over! I’ve shared many of these Daffodil bulbs over the years. I love imagining how happy Gertrude would be to know how many gardeners have enjoyed them.

If you’d like some Heirloom Bulbs to add some old-fashioned charm to your garden, please email me… I’m always happy to share. 🙂

Happy Gardening, my friends!