The First Oxblood Lily of the Season

What is it about the Oxblood Lily that is so endearing?

Some gardeners love the Oxblood Lily for the rich German history associated with stories of early Texas immigrants.  Some love the mysterious deep red lily that emerges on a naked stem. Some love the flower that symbolizes the end of the hot and dry summer.

There are countless reasons gardeners love Oxblood Lilies. In fact, I’ve never met someone who doesn’t absolutely adore the Oxblood Lily. I am no different…. I am absolutely in love with the Oxblood Lily.

My love affair with the Oxblood Lily started many moons ago when I was a newly married, new Texan. I spotted the Oxblood Lily blooming at my In-laws’ house over Labor Day. I began noticing the Oxbloods growing all over the small, East Texas town. I was told the beautiful red flowers were “just weeds”, which intrigued me. How could such a beautiful flower be known throughout a community as a “weed”? I was hooked. I started researching, digging, salvaging….and after 25 years of Oxblood Lily love, the rest is history.

Oxblood Lilies came to the South through our German ancestors. Most towns that have a history with German immigrants have Oxblood Lilies. Sharing with neighbors quickly spread the lily throughout Texas. The Oxblood Lily is a southern bulb that requires a dry, hot summer to bloom in the fall. The lily is extremely tough, like most Texans. Oxblood Lilies can tolerate almost any soil condition, as well as full sun or dappled shade. The Oxblood Lily truly is an heirloom bulb that will out live your Grandchildren.

There are some great books about Oxblood Lilies available by three of my my favorite botanists. Bulbs for the South by Scott Ogden, Heirloom Bulbs for the South by Chris Weisinger (of Southern Bulb Company)and Heirloom Gardening for the South by Greg. Grant. These three books are my go-to books when I have questions about Southern Bulbs. I am not a trained botanist, nor do I seek to make a living exclusively from distribution of these bulbs. My flower bulbs are all from rescue-sites of old homesteads getting torn down.

I am always happy to share Oxblood Lilies with anyone who asks. Oxblood Lilies are hard to find and quite pricey….I’m happy to send you a few at no charge (just $5 shipping) Simply email

It’s going to be a good day. Any day with an Oxblood Lily blooming is a good day indeed!!

Happy Gardening, my friends!