The First Paperwhite of the Year

I love flower bulbs.

Even as a child, I absolutely loved flower bulbs. Growing up, I remember a daffodil that tried to grow in early spring, before getting trampled to death by our dog, Sir Cedric the 3rd. (Cedric for short). There was something truly magical about a flower that grows from a bulb, hidden under the ground all year. Flower bulbs store their energy and bloom from the year prior….and then just rest under the earth, quietly, until it is their time to shine.

A few weeks ago, I spotted the first Paperwhite of the Season. To me, the flower bulb is so symbolic of life’s seasons. Let’s all face it, 2020 hasn’t been the greatest year. In fact, in many ways, it stinks. People are isolated and hidden in their homes, away from the crowds. We are all waiting for this season to end….

And just like that, the flower bulb blooms.

The season changes. The bulb is no longer hidden, deep within the dark earth. Beauty is found and life springs forth.

The first Paperwhite of the season has bloomed. The beauty in the bulb has overcome the darkness.

May your season be joyful, merry and bright.

“Your word I have hidden in my heart.”