The first Paperwhites for the first of December


December 1st……

I can’t believe it. Time moves so fast. The kids started school……then I blinked, and it’s now December!!

Things move a lot slower in the garden. I feel more at peace…a sactuary away from the “hustle and bustle” of life. A few weeks ago, a certain early-blooming variety of Heirloom Paperwhites started showing signs of an upcoming bloom. Literally…’s been three weeks and two freezes since I first noticed.

Finally, on December 1st, the Paperwhites bloomed.

Perhaps these little flowers knew I needed a reminder to be at peace this time of the year. To see things as they come. To watch life unfold…..minute by minute. Miracle by miracle.

December can be a time of hot cocoa, warm blankets, cozy mornings with beloved family members or pets, and savoring warmth. December can also be hurried. Shopping, lists of endless to-do’s, perfect photos to reflect our perfect lives, as we dive into the commercialism of the season.

December looks different in the garden. There are no time-lines for flowers. I can’t make my garden bloom when I have a Christmas party, nor can I make my flowers bloom all at once when relatives come to town. Flowers bloom when they feel like it…..without fuss or concern. Peacefully and joyously, flowers open their faces to the sun, quietly showing their beauty to all who take the time to see. No boasting or arrogant parade of lights…..just a simple bloom.

My Paperwhites took three weeks to bloom. Almost as long as the entire month of December. The slow, daily change of the flower kept my eyes peeled to the garden. I didn’t want to miss it.¬†Finally, on December 1st, ¬†my heirloom Paperwhites bloomed. A true gift for my soul for the upcoming season.

I hope that each of us can soak in the beauty of the Season. The day to day, moment to moment “Reason for the Season”.

The Christ Child came quietly that night, and in the midst of all the commotion, a Child was born. A love gift to humanity.

May your gardens bring you peace and joy as we begin our December. May you find solace and Grace through the hectic schedules all around. May you keep your eyes focused on what truly matters this Season, and take time to simply see the little miracles all around you… a beautiful Paperwhite blooming just for you.

Happy Gardening, my friends!