The Flooded House Bulb Dig

And just like that, it’s less than two weeks away……

The Flooded House Dig.

Where has the time gone? Honestly, it feels like just yesterday since I started moving and relocating bulbs from my house. I dig *almost* every day. I think my bulbs are secretly rabbits. I dig them up, turn around and they have multiplied. “I thought I dug you up last week??”

So many bulbs, so little time.

Literally, there are still so many bulbs.

Today, I dug up about 100 more Paperwhites, 80 Purple Iris, 50 Old Yellow Iris, 300 Oxbloods, a large clump of Oregeno, and a bunch of darling little wood violets that I love. Ofcourse, I forgot my shovel. I dug with with a dumb 10 pronged pitch-fork that was left from loading up flood debris from our home. Let me assure everyone that looks are NOT everything. Just because a pitchfork has ten prongs, doesn’t mean it is worth a darn, because it’s not.

I have less than two weeks to get whatever else I want from the gardens before I open them up to fellow gardeners. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. This is a big step for me……bulbs are like my children. In fact, if my heirloom bulbs and my children were all on a boat that was sinking, I’d have to think hard about who would be the first to get tossed overboard. (Hopefully, I’m just kidding.)

Any of you reading are welcome to come to the Bulb Dig. Feel free to email me with questions at I posted some details about the dig on Heirloombulbgirl on Facebook. The most common question is “What if I want more than just one free paper bag of bulbs? Will your bulbs be for sale?”

Yes. Bulb donation prices are listed on Facebook page. Many different bulbs are still available to dig. Cemetary Iris, Oxblood and Spider Lilies, Sternbergia, Rain Lilies, Crinum, Paperwhites, Star of Bethlehem, Grape Hyacinths, Daffodils,  and the list goes on. Hope to see you at my former home. Let’s celebrate God’s goodness and beauty as we share these beautiful flower bulbs for generations to come.

Happy Gardening, my friends!