The Ford Haus Lilies

100 year old Oxblood Lilies

For the past 15 years, I have driven by the old, ratty, falling-down houses with their beautiful clumps of lilies. I’m not ashamed to admit that I know where every single clump of Oxblood Lilies are in my town. I scope out the old houses and try to locate the owners…..or I just wait for the demolition orders. Recently, a violin student’s parent informed me of the Ford Street houses that were soon to be torn down.

“I just read that there is a bunch of old barn wood that is free for the taking before they down everything down. There are bulbs there too.”

Ofourse there are bulbs. Every old German house has old Lilies or Iris. In fact, it is quite unusual to find old homes in our area without Crinum, Iris or Lilies.

“I will be right there.”

Lynsi and I met up 15 minutes later, as the sun was setting. Not the best time to dig at old ratty houses, but I made an exception. The houses had been vacant and uncared for for decades. We were cautious of snakes and dug carefully. I went back to dig atleast 4 more times. I cannot stomach the idea of Oxblood Lilies getting bulldozed down. It seriously breaks my heart. I tried to upload a picture of the size of these old bulbs, but I have a glitch in this website and can’t upload any new photos. Check out Heirloombulbgirl on Instagram for recent photos.

It seems I am always in the process of moving, salvaging or planting bulbs. In fact,, in between the ford Haus dig,, I went back to my old flooded house to dig up remnants of bulbs that had been accidentally left or broken.. Now I have about a thousand Lilies to plant. One day I will be done….just in time for the next bulb rescue. Remember, there’s always room for one more bulb in your garden.

Need some Oxblood Lilies? Email me……

I’m happy to share the Lord’s garden bounty with you.

Happy Gardening, my friends!!!