The Garden Project is Officially Non-Profit!!

We did it!!!  After much thought and prayer, we are proud to announce our new Non-Profit status. The Garden Project is officially under the umbrella of Mustard Seed Ministries, an amazing organization that supports kids and  small ministries.

The Garden Project is truly a labor of love. This program provides jobs to garden mentors, at-risk teens and special needs young adults. In small towns, jobs are scarce. If you struggle, jobs are almost mpossible. The Garden Project believes in filling that gap.

Studies show the link between mental well-being and time spent in nature. Studies also show the inherent value of work. The Garden Project has combined the need for nature while earning one’s own wage. Confidence is instilled. Personal value is achieved. Joy is found.

“Garden Helpers” are paid $10.00 per hour, and work sessions are typically 2 hours at a time. Time is spent planting bulbs, collecting seeds, watering and feeding the flowers, clipping bouquets and learning about life. Much time is spent nurturing…..not only the gardens, but the Garden Helpers.

“You know, most people worry about my daughter and her abuse. People forget that I lost everything too. I have been so lonely and lost, but now I have a job and the gardens.”

“I can’t believe something so beautiful has grown from something so ugly….kinda like me.”

“Hey Keenan! Did you see the bricks???? I moved those all by myself!! Keenan! Did you see that??? I did that!!! All by myself!!!!”

“I think the chickens like me now that I gave them fresh hay.”

“More bulbs? How many bulbs are there anyhow?!!” (My favorite quote ever)

“I’m kind of scared to graduate. I don’t know what to do, how to work or who will even have me.”

“Miss Keenan! I’ve tamed the baby chicks!!”

So many stories. So so many……

If you’d like to invest in someone, $20.00 will provide 2 hours of work. $80.00 will provide someone a regular one day/week job. Many of the Garden Helpers also live in significant poverty. It is amazing what an extra $20 or $40 per week will provide someone.

Plans for the Non-Profit are big…..hire as many at-risk and special needs teens as God brings to me. I desire that no one will be turned away because of lack of funding. The Harvest is plentiful….the need is everywhere.  Plans are also to provide support for some very special mentors, who have walked tirelessly and selflessly alongside the Garden Helpers….encouraging and nurturing, while asking for nothing in return.

If you’d like to be a part of this very special program and ministry, here are a few ways you can help.

*** Pray. Pray Big. Pray for the Garden Helpers, the gardens, the Lord’s provision, the mentors and this little web-site. Pray for Heirloombulbgirl, as she is leaping out in Faith, trusting the Lord will guide her footsteps through the unknown and the uncomfortable parts of organization and technology.

***Order Heirloom Bulbs, via email. (Sorry, no PayPal yet. It’s coming though!) All bulbs in the store are sold by donation. 100% of the donations goes to support The Garden Project. Heirloombulbgirl takes 0%. All monies are invested into Garden Helpers.

***Sign up to be a mentor or a volunteer.

***Pass along this little site to those with a heart for gardens, flower bulbs and kids.

We can’t all change the world, but we all can change a life. Invest in kids, and your reward will be life-changing.

For more information, questions, or order flower bulbs,  please email

To make a donation, please make checks out Mustard Seed Ministries.

Mail donations to : Heirloombulbgirl 705 East Ellis. Llano,Texas 78643

Happy Gardening, my friends!! Life is good, and so is the Lord.