The Generosity of Gardeners


I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of other gardeners. It’s amazing.

I started this year as ‘the year of giving’. 12 months of heirloom bulb give away. It’s not your typical business plan,, but hey… seems to do the heart good.

Debbie, a fellow gardener, received her bulbs…..and then graciously sent me back garden goodies from her own yard. Poppy seeds, Iris and other bulbs and flower seeds. An entire box full of my favorite things…

Bob, a local garden enthusiast, came to pick up his free bulbs today…..and brought me Comphry and Walking Onions from Arizona.

I am so amazed by these gardeners’ generosity!!!! Beautiful gifts with no strings attached.

It’s so nice to see kindness being spread in our world. We are so bombarded with the troubling news all around. Our hearts grow tired and weary…..then an unexpected beautiful box full of flowers arrives.

A smile is found.

Never forget what small acts of kindness do for your fellow mankind. Your gardens have meaning. Joy. Have a wonderful day.

Oh…..and the Bulb of the Month for February is the large Prarie White Rain Lily.  🙂

Happy Gardening!