The Gift


I don’t often find gifts left at the studio.

In fact, this was a rarity……

An anonymous gift of bulbs.  Saffron Crocus Bulbs, to be exact. The same bulbs that I have drooled over for many years, but always forgetting to purchase.

I’m not sure why I was so deserving of such a beautiful bulb, or why this gift was left so mysteriously.  Thoughts of the gift have been with me all week…..I suppose acts of kindness have a way of lingering.

So i started thinking…….

What if we, as a collective people, shared these beautiful, random gifts with strangers?  Kindness on a daily basis……

What would the world look like? More importantly, what would the world act like?

The random gift has made me really think.

I still don’t know who gifted me these bulbs. But, whoever the giver was,  they took time out of their day, to give me something I loved.

A random gift. A gift of kindness. For me.

Random and beautiful.

So now the question is this…..who will be the receiver of my gift,

As I become the giver.