The Heartache of Loss in the Garden

There were numerous titles I tossed around for this blog. All had the feelings I hoped to portray, but weren’t very poetic. Here are a few…..

Deer are dumb.

Deer have eaten everything in my garden.

The 2021 Deer-apocolypse.

I have nothing left but deer pellets.

Naturally, the deer prefer my favorite garden treasures….They have eaten all my Oxblood Lilies, Spider Lilies and Crinum. The loss I feel is real. I slumped out of bed this morning, as if I had just lost my best friend. I didn’t want to survey the gardens, for the damage grows each night. It’s like losing my flock of beloved chickens all over again.

Gardening is not for the weak of heart. We have good seasons and really, really hard seasons. We have floods, drought, untimely freezes and heat waves. Gardeners put up with a lot…..and yet, we keep coming back for more. Why is that?

In some wierd way, I suppose we feel like we are making a difference in this chaotic world. As I sit on my little rock wall, I have seen countless hummingbirds enjoy the flowers the deer were kind enough to leave, mockingbird enjoying the large Beauty Berry, Dove waiting for their breakfast, Woodpeckers pecking for bugs and countless Butterflies. I have quiet and serenity. Yes, I have a broken garden heart too, but that comes with the territory. If you choose to have a naturalized garden, you will have some unpleasant moments in the gardens…..but you will also have countless moments of beauty and serenity.

So this morning, I’m going to tuck my tears into my pocket and get to work watering. My beloved cousin also toured the gardens and has decided to gift me with a deer-proof fence. Truly, unbelievable. More details soon to come 🙂

Happy Gardening, my friends! Remember, no amount of garden heartbreak can rob you of the joy and beauty you bring the world.