The Largest Oxblood Lily Clump Ever Seen

I’ve dug for 25 years, and I’ve seen a lot of Oxblood Lilies. Yesterday, I pulled a clump of old lilies from my own garden that made, even me, stare in awe.

Old Oxbloods are known for their ability to multiply. When it comes to multiplying, Oxblood Lilies are like rabbits in the bulb world. If you accidentally hack through a bulb while digging, the bulb will actually rejuvenate itself by creating numerous ‘baby bulbs’ where the unfortunate digging trauma happened. Oxblood Lilies also grow offset bulbs AND many of the original heirloom bulbs from Germany still set seed.

Needless to say, Oxblood Lilies are aggressive growers.

In all my years of growing, digging, rescuing, salvaging and relocating bulbs, I have NEVER seen a clump like the one I dug up yesterday. It was too cold to separate the bulbs, so I plan on counting the bulbs in the clump today. I’m anxious to see the final count. I’m quite sure it will be easily over 100.

These particular lilies, often called Schoolhouse Lily, were pulled from rubble and clods of cement about 10 years ago. My young daughters and I were driving home from a weekend away, and I saw the bulldozers and bulb greenery. (My super-hero power is being able to spot bulb foliage from a moving vehicle traveling 70 miles an hour.) I slammed on the brakes (not literally) and pulled over. We spent the next two hours digging through the debris with our hands….much to my daughters’ disgust. These bulbs had been freely growing on this old lot for probably 100 years, which I had driven by for years. I truly think these beautiful Oxbloods showed me their appreciation by how readily they multiplied.

There is something beautiful and soulful about saving an old flower that has lived a life during simpler times. Somehow, I feel it is a connection with gardeners of the past…..a  way to preserve their beautiful art form. These lilies have seen farms, horse drawn carriages and a world that no longer exists. The preservation of these flower bulbs keeps my hands dirty, as I continue to rescue and dig in delapitated conditions.

Want some Oxbloods?

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Happy Bulb Digging, Flower Bulb Salvaging,  Heirloom Bulb Rescuing and Bulb Relocating, my dear flower bulb loving friends! (Good grief!!!!! That’s a mouthful!!!!!)