The Little Flower Stand

“Because flowers should never be a luxury, but a necessity.”

Helpers with The Garden Project built a flower stand a few days ago. I recently saw a “serve yourself” flower stand in Manitu Springs, Colorado. A flower stand was the missing link, and I had to have one!

The flower stand is made out of all repurposed doors and lumber. It uses the legs from an old 1940’s French table, that had once been the writing desk of a famous playwright. I’m completely in love.

I set my first vases of flowers out a few days ago, along with a payment box, a basket for used/recycled vases, and some dried poppies. It looked SO adorable!!!! And then, in perfect Keenan-style, a massive wind storm came and wiped thed whole thing out. I just had to laugh… can’t cry over spilt vases.

So, after I clean up the mess of the broken vases and scattered cut flowers, I hope to be “re-open” tomorrow.

Flower bouquets are $5.00

Flowers and plants will be “on your honor”….all proceeds going to The Garden Project, a program hiring at-risk and mentally challenged youth to work the gardens.

Plants and Bulbs will also be available, as supplies last.

Come check us out! The Texas Hill Country is a beautiful day trip. Llano is nestled in the hills, just north of enchanted rock.

Happy Gardening, my friends!