The Look of a Texas Fall

Ahhhhh, the Texas Fall.

Breathe it in. Gaze upon it’s beauty. Soak in the warmth of the sun. Listen to the birds sing. Be marveled by the Monarch butterflies.

It is Fall in Texas, Y’all!

Many of us, myself included, wait all year for this magical time in the garden. After the long, hot summer months, Fall lifts our souls and renews our hope. Fall brings crisp weather, Oblood and Spider Lilies, colorful native flowers and fragrant, cabbagy antique roses. Sometimes I just sit and gaze at the all the wonder of my Fall gardens.

Fall isn’t as flamboyant as Spring. There is a distant thankfulness that fills the air. Creatures and plants alike are thankful that they survived another summer of drought. Monarchs are thankful for places of rest and nourishment as they journey south. Southern bulbs are thankful that they received the rain needed to bloom. Gardeners are thankful that temperatures have cooled off and flowers are blooming once again. In a few weeks, our Country will celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, but our Fall gardens have been preparing our hearts for gratitude for a while. With the appearance of the first Oxblood Lily, people everywhere shift their focus from the drought of summer to the gratitude of rain. It is truly hard to not be thankful for all the beauty Fall gives to us.

Happy Gardening, my friends! Enjoy your beautiful day with the gloriousness of Fall.