The Month of Gardening Renewal

Anemone….The Windflower

March is a very special month. Besides the fact that it contains my Mother’s birthday, March is the month of beautiful renewal in the garden. So many plants come alive in March, it is like a gardening Utopia! If you don’t keep a gardening journal, I highly suggest it. It is quite fun to look back and see what flowers were blooming when and where, as well as garden projects that were dreamed of and accomplished.

Seasons in the South can seem minimal. It is easy to miss the fantastic blooming renewal of March, especially if we are still focused on the barren season of winter. I actually gage my garden seasons based on what flower bulbs are blooming. We have the Paperwhite Season along with the Winter bloom, Oxblood Lily and Spider Lily Season, Rain Lily Season, and Crocus Season along with the Fall bloom, Crinum Season along with the Summer Season etc…. But then along comes March, and the amazing Spring Bloom of countless Southern Bulbs is incredible. The beautiful renewal in the garden has begun.

March is the month when everything wakes from the deep Winter’s slumber. March is when gardeners everywhere pour through seed catologues and make plans to visit plant nurseries, as if visiting long lost friends. Gardeners are innocently sucked into the “I *must* have more plants!!!!” syndrome. Ofcourse we do… is March! I have ordered a bundle of new veggie seeds and garden books. I have started the veggie garden and we are working on the fencing to keep the chickens out. I have plans beyond plans, and dreams beyond dreams. That is March in a nutshell.

A Garden Renewal….and the Gardener’s Renewal. After the long months of Winter, we need times of renewal. Our soul longs for the beauty that comes with the Spring bloom. Today, the forecast is cloudy, with a high chance of digging. I have a bunch of seeds to plant and a fence to build. I’m late on a few veggies, but what else is new?

Happy Gardening, my friends!