The Need for Feed (Sacks, that is)

It’s summer in Texas. We all know what that means……Bermuda grass on steroids.

I have a long-standing “love to hate” relationship……I hate Bermuda, and I really  love hating it.  In fact, Bermuda is THE single most hated plant on the entire earth. No, I am not exaggerating. I’m quite sure Bermuda grass was used as a specimen plant in the movie Nightmare on Elm Street, just to step up the scare factor. I actually have my own gardening nightmares, with Bermuda consuming my entire garden. Oh wait, that’s really happening.

There is no way to completely eradicate Bermuda grass from a garden. Once Bermuda has invaded, it will always be there. it’s always there. Lurking about, waiting to annoy and consume everything in it’s path.


But I have found a way that helps slow the growth, halts the envasiveness, and gives the gardener time to protect the other plants…..Feed Sacks.  Like I said, once you have Bernuda grass in your garden, it’s forever there. Feed Sacks are just a simple way to bring a little peace to your garden……

First, pull up as much of the Bermuda as possible. Be sure to pull the long, annoying tentacles as well. Moisten the earth. Take a feed sack and lay it upon the earth, around the plants in the garden. Place rocks on the edges of the sacks, to hold sack in place. I also pile grass and weeds on top of the sack, to add weight and suffocate the grass underneath. I leave the sacks on the garden patches ridden with Bermuda for a few months, sometimes longer. If I know I won’t be able to dig the grass out for a while, I put mulch on the bags. My plants are saved from Bermuda and I am blessed with peace of mind.

Believe it or not, this method really does help with removing Bermuda. It buys a bit of time and slows the growth. Some will argue about the fact feed sacks are not biodegradable. My answer to that is simple…..feed sacks are only temporary. The sacks suffocate the grass and the worms enjoy eating the remnants of what *used* to be the nightmare of your garden. I’ve tried it all…newspaper, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, weed barrier and heavy mulch. Feed Sacks are my favorite. Bermuda is not your average irritant… requires more.

Bermuda is in the need for feed.

Feed Sacks, that is.

Happy Gardening, my friends!!