The Perfect Gift


It’s my birthday……

So far, my birthday week has not been very kind!! Our town still is under  a severe continued drought condition with extreme heat. Our spring-fed river has stopped flowing.  I said goodbye to my first born as he left for college. The next day, we hit a deer and totaled our car. Finally, to top it all off, I was diagnosed with Atypicial Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Definately not a stellar way to start a new birthday year!!!!

In all this muck, I drove up to the studio and saw the most amazing thing…….a Crinum blooming. I am totally convinced this Crinum is blooming just for me. My very own birthday gift from my sweet gardens.

Crinum typically bloom after a nice rain during the summer months. Due to our drought, I have been ‘Crinum-less’. This particular Crinum was planted when I first bought the studio, so I wasn’t aware of the ridiculous conditions it would live under.. A big chunk of hot pink granite looms under the ground. There is very little dirt on top of the granite, and the hardy Crinum lines the driveway, just as many Crinum do in old homesteads.

But this old Crinum bloomed in August,

in the summer heat,

in a drought,

without rain.

A very good reminder to me to keep my hope beyond my current circumstances. Bloom without ceasing. Shine through tribulation and beat the odds of what looks impossible.. After all…….”With man, nothing is possible. With God, ALL things are possible for those who believe.”

If a Crinum can bloom under such harsh conditions of life, then so can I.

Truly, the perfect gift.