The Poppy vs The Armadillo

This is the year of the Armadillo.

Literally. …He has torn up my entire collection of heirloom poppies. He decided to leave my entire batch of red opium poppies alone though. He went for all my cool, heirloom poppies that I decided to try out this year. I really think he is just shooting his little Armadillo finger at me.

What ever the reason he chose my garden to feast upon, getting him out is a bit of a challenge. I’ve tried almost everything to protect the flowers… grounds seem to annoy him the most.

Just when I thought my battle was lost, there she was. One of my all-time favorite poppies blooming happily. Her roots had been chewed on.  She looked scraggly, holding onto life by a thread. Somehow, she survived the Armadillo dinner train.

I have placed an old wheelbarrow,  rocks, sticks, coffee, potted plants and  a barbed wire 8 foot high wall (not really) around the beautiful poppy. I’m determined to get some seeds. I have a few friends via Instagram who are keeping their fingers crossed for some seeds as well.

The Armadillo vs The Poppy.

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Happy Gardening, my friends! As always, keep the hope alive!