The Ridiculously Over-Dramatic Diva Bulb

If Sternbergia was a woman, she would be an over-the-top Operatic Diva. Seriously, the drama of this heirloom bulb falls somewhere between ridiculously funny and totally irritating.

I read somewhere that Sternbergia bulbs¬† “do not like to be relocated”……you can say that again. If you even get near them with a shovel, the foliage turns bright yellow and goes into immidiate shock. So incredibly over dramatic!!

I started moving the Sternbergia bulbs out of the flooded house gardens about a month ago. In a few weeks, they will be dormant, so I have been focusing my energy of Oxbloods, Iris and these lovely cry babies. Literally……bright yellow foliage within one day. I find this drama so amusing. I am not be surprised by the stunt the bulbs are pulling, and continue to keep the roots moist until all foliage is crisp and the bulb is dormant.

It is easy to think the bulb is dying with such a dramatic display…..believe me, it is not. I call it passive aggressiveness. The bulb is simply showing you who is the boss. It is shooting it’s little bulb finger at you, saying “So you want to move me?? Take that!!!!”¬† The best thing to do is simply ignore the bad behavior. Continue to water the bulbs for a few weeks, and then let nature take it’s course. If the bulb decides to go completely dormant, so be it. Just mulch the ground and wait until fall…….she will probably bloom. After all, divas thrive on attention.

I have about 300 Sternbergia bulbs to plant. The weather decided to freeze, so the bulbs are hanging out in my car, much to my husband’s horror. The bulbs should really be diva’d out. Hopefully I can get them into the ground today before another freeze. If not, they will remain comfortable in my studio. Not happy, but comfortable.

Ahhhhhhhhh, the joy of the diva-bulbs.

Happy Gardening, my friends!!