The Season of Paperwhites

Seasons of life……we’ve all heard the expression.

Seasons mean different things to different people…..

My seasons of life actually revolve around bulbs. I look forward to flower seasons….. Crinum Season, Rain Lily Season, Daffodil Season, and one of my favorites, Paperwhite Season.

Paperwhites are so beautifully pure. Just what December and January need. A simple reminder of the loveliness of life. I absolutely¬†adore Paperwhites….but what’s not to adore? The timeless simplicity? The romantic purity? The intoxicating scent? Few things are actually blooming in the garden during winter, so Paperwhites receive their full glory as they bloom.

Over the next few months, I will have a continuous Heirloom Paperwhite bloom. I have dug Paperwhites from old homesteads for the last 25 years….many of the varieties are unique to themselves. In the new gardens, I plan to label each clump with the description of bloom time.

Paperwhites can also be “forced” to bloom, which I have never done. (I am fortunate to have a natural growing season for Paperwhites in the garden). Forcing a bulb is fairly easy. Soak the base of the dried bulb for 24 hours to get the roots started. Then place in a dish where the roots can grow and receive nutrients, but without letting the entire bulb sit in water. Bulbs don’t enjoy drowning “wet feet.” Timing your bloom can be tricky. If you plan on having the flower ready for a specific event, you will need to do some research on forcing bulbs. As for me, I can hardly plan a trip to the grocery store, let alone the exact time a bulb should bloom… I stick to the flower garden.

Paperwhites are also maintain their bloom for an impressive amount of time. This year, my first bloom of the season came on December 1st. It is now December 19th…..still just as lovely.

The joy of flower seasons.

Peace be with you, my garden friends. Enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the Season.