The Vivacious Ellen Bosanquet

I’m not really a “pink” kind of person, and I’m definately not vivacious. I never wore pink….not even as a child. But Ellen Bosanquet, in all her pinkness, might be the one to make me a believer.

Ellen Bosanquet is an old, southern Crinum. Her shade of deep pink borderlines between intoxic lust and all out flirty flamboyantnous (and if that’s not a word, it should be!)

Ellen Bosanquet screams out to the gardener to see her….and believe me, her outgoing shade of pink can’t be missed. Some gardeners will comment on their “red” Crinum…..I just chuckle to myself.

“Red? No, no, no…..that’s just Ellen, in all her glory.”

I truly think there is not one ounce of humbleness in that flower. She takes the world by storm.

EllenĀ  Bosanquet grows like a typical Crinum…hardy, healthy and happily in just about any type of soil. I have found, like most outgoing personalities, that Ellen Bosanquet enjoys the sun, and lots of it. She really doesn’t bloom well in the shade. Ellen Bosanquet is also te prolific, like her friend W.C. Harvey. Crinum show their sincere gratitude through producing baby bulbs, as well as bulbets from the flower.

Every garden should have a few super stars…. eye-catching flowers that even the gardens are jealous of. Ellen Bosanquet one of these summer super stars. Her shade of pink is as intoxicating as her vivacious growing personality. Place her in the center of your gardens, and let her bloom.

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Happy Gardening, my friends!