There is Always Room for Just One More

There is always room for one more……..

I honestly can say that I will dig an entirely new garden bed, or enlarge an old garden bed just to squish in one more flower. Some might call it flower-hoarding……I just call it a love affair with beauty. So, when in doubt, just buy some more flowers.

Right now, I am sitting in a comfy chair, that is not mine, in a furnished house that I get to stay in until Insurance decides how to settle our destroyed flooded house. I’m moving my entire garden to my studio and up to my eyeballs with the list of things to do….so instead, I went to The Natural Gardener. ┬áSometimes, a nice walk through your favorite local plant shop is good for the soul.

I love The Natural Gardener. Natives, Herbs, Succulents, Roses, Trees…..and wait, WHAT???? Daffodils and spring flowering bulbs? I seriously could not resist. And, as I always remind myself…..there is ALWAYS room for one more (or in this case, about 28 more)

I also replaced my two herb/flower drying racks that i had just bought a few weeks prior. The racks assumadlly floated down stream, along with my 300 pound beautiful old wood farm table and benches. (Probably in the Gulf of Mexico by now!)

Meanwhile, my daughter decided to invest in some Succulents. We found the sale table, and enjoyed the idea of ‘saving’ a few as well. As we went to check out, I walked by the Violets…..and ofcourse, I had to replace those too. Because (let’s all say it together) “There is Always Room For One More!!!!”

It was a good day. A beautiful, sunshiney day. For a few moments, life felt normal. I didn’t feel like a ‘flood victim” or ‘homeless and displaced due to a natural disaster’…..I just felt like me again. Buying just one more flower for my beautiful garden.

Flowers are good for the soul.

Flowers are good for the environment and all the lovely birds, bees and butterflies.

Flowers bring beauty to a chaotic world, and bring joy to the parched soul.

So today, I will teach some violin lessons, try to organize our new kitchen with the pots and pans that were salvaged, and then retreat to the garden. But, if you really know me…..the pots and pans will be AFTER the garden retreat. A girl must have her priorities!!

Happy Gardening, my friends.

When life is chaotic and the burdens are overwhelming, find your place of quiet and retreat. Go into the garden. Buy a new flower and breathei n the goodness and beauty that is around. Because remember…..when in doubt, just buy some flowers.

There is always room for one more.