Time to Share

Today I will be digging again at Miss Mary’s garden. The historic houses are scheduled to be torn down within the year. It’s hard to explain the amount of Oxblood Lillies and Narcissis still left to dig.

These bulbs are easily 100 years old. The house was built in the 1800’s,  and the area had a rich German influence.  I have always been fascinated by the Oxblood Lily. The bulbs seem to grow wild in this part of Texas.  I have found that many of these bulbs do indeed reseed.

It’s time to share.

Giving can be a  crazy thought, since a website is actually for selling these lovelies….but this is my Season for giving.

For 25 years, I have been blessed with abundant digs. More bulbs than I can possibly enjoy in a lifetime.  I’ve had the pleasure of rescuing bulbs from sites soon to be demolished. I’ve dug in the rain the night before the earth became cement. I’ve dug with rattlesnakes. I’ve dug through rubble after the houses were torn down. I’ve hopped barbed wire fences and jumped ‘no trespassing’ signs…..all just to ‘rescue’ a bulb.

God has blessed this project through great abundance. The bulbs I dig are old. Very old. These bulbs are hardy and multiply readily.

It’s time to share.

I will be giving away the rest of Miss Mary’s bulbs that I dig today to you….gardeners who love heirloom bulbs.

Please comment below, with your contact information,  and I will ship the bulbs out. Or email me with your contact info. The email is listed at the bottom of the website. All I ask in return is a note about you and your garden,  and $5.00 for shipping and handling. You can mail the postage to Heirloombulbgirl to the address below. You will receive 3 Oxblood Lillies…..retail $15.00

I’m so happy to share these bulbs, and I think Miss Mary would be pleased knowing her garden will continue on.