‘Tis the Season for Spiderworts!

“A rose by any other name still smells as sweet.”

Though technically *not* a bulb, Spiderwort looks, acts and behaves like a bulb….so I have given the Spiderwort an honorable mention in this little blog.
Currently, my garden is filled with every shape and size of pastel blues, pinks of purple. The stems are long, holding an impressive number of flowers that open each new day. The butterflies and the bees love these amazing beauties. What’s not to love about the Spiderwort?
I first started collecting different varieties of Spiderwort after we moved to the Hill Country. We had a small field behind our home that my children loved to explore. There was an old granite table in the thicket of 2 large plum trees and an overgrown peach tree. We picked a lot of fruit that year! Spiderwort were everywhere, which definitely helped the pollination process. Bees are attracted to Spiderwort, so it didn’t take long until I was digging some up for my garden.

The roots are fleshy, like that of a Daylily. Spiderwort is in the flower family as the “Dayflower” (flowers that are one-day wonders). Spiderwort are prolific and produce many seeds. I honestly don’t think you can kill a Spiderwort. Each year, the foliage of the plant seems to appear out of nowhere, much like that of a bulb. Even the toughest drought doesn’t seem to phase the Spiderwort. Many Spiderwort can be found growing in random crevices in the pavement or abandoned, overgrown fields. Spiderwort make the perfect “non-bulb” kind of bulb. 🙂

If you are close to Llano, Texas, come on by and visit the Agape Haus Studio and Garde. I am happy to share some Spiderwort with you!

Happy Gardening, my flower friends!