Tropical White Spider Lily

The Tropical White Spider Lily is not your average gardening plant. This lovely bulb is set apart. Her beauty and intrigue is enough to turn the stony heart of a cement-loving individual into butter.  She is an interesting addition to any Southern Garden. Each stem contains about five flowers, and each flower is larger than my hand. Impressive indeed!

I obtained my original spider lily bulbs from Rockdale, Texas. I was on my home, after a long weekend with my in-laws, and there sge was….in an overgrown bed that hadn’t been weeded in decades. I slammed on the breaks, and (much to my children’s horror) walked up to the front door and knocked.

“Excuse me. I love your Spider Lilies out front. Would it be ok if I dig up a few bulbs?”

“Those old things? Take whatever you want.”

“That’s wonderful!!!! Thank you!!!!! Oh…..Ummmmmmm. Can I borrow a shovel as well?”

I still have to laugh at my ridiculousness. They gave me a shovel, a few bags and I went to work. Tropical White Spider Lilies are tough ol’ brods.  These bulbs were completely compacted….probably thirty years or more or being squished together like sardines. After about twenty minutes of children harassing me, as I worked to pry up a bulb, I finally heard the “pop” of a bulb letting go. I dug a few more, and brought the shovel back. I thanked them for their generosity, and they just stared blankly at me…..

“We hate those old things.”

I wanted to throw the shovel at them. Instead, I just smiled, shook their hands, and got into my car with my prized bulbs. How could anyone hate such a beautiful bulb?!

I started keeping a shovel in the car after that.

Tropical White Spider Lilies are definately not your average quick color flower.   They are delightful bulbs that flower after a nice summer rain. These bulbs are naturalizing bulbs that will bring you years of joy.

Tropical White Spider Lilies enjoy sandy soils. I have found that the flowers last longer if not in full, direct sun. But, with that said, I have also had success with my lilies in terrible soil, in full blazing hot, summer sun.

Yesterday, I planted about thirty lilies at the Agape Haus Music Studio. The bulbs stay dormant during the winter, so I am just now digging up the bulbs from the flooded house garden.  The lovely Tropical White Spider Lily will be a delightful and stunning addition to the gardens. I’m excited for the upcoming bloom season. Bring on the summer rains!!!

I will have Tropical White Spider Lilies available next season. To order these bulbs, or any of the flowers on the website, simply email me Remember, all bulbs are sold by donation to support The Garden Project, a program that hires and pays at-risk youth, mentally challenged individuals and mentors to work in the gardens. Studies show the benefits of nature with mental health and well-being…..I’m proud that my gardens are a part of someone else’s growth and happiness.

Happy Gardening, my friends!