Trouble Shooting in the Summer Garden

Water. Weeding. Compost and Mulch.

Let’s all say that again…..

Water. Weeding. Compost and Mulch.

In a summer garden, especially in drought-prone areas, it is vital to be on full alert for your garden. Daily troubling shooting will provide months of continued joy, as the heat tries to steal nutrients from your garden.

Watering your summer garden is a must. I am a proponent of watering by hand. Not only does this save gallons of water each day, but you also aren’t watering the weeds. Water what needs watering. Hand watering also gives you a chance to survey and make mental notes on trouble shooting.

Next, pull those weeds. Just by mentioning the word “weeding”, half the readers just left this blog. Im kind of joking, but not really. Weeding seems to be everyone’s least favorite garden chore. I wrote a few blogs¬† a while back about the art of weeding…..Weeding 101 and The Art of Piling. Both blogs address the fact that weeding doesn’t have to be the beat down we all make it out to be. In fact, weeding can actually bring focus to a cluttered mind, as you meticulously pull away the pests from your treasured flowers. Weeding also brings nutrients to hungry worms, as you pile your way to a happy, well-balanced garden. Weeds steal the nutrients your garden desperately need….especially during summer months. So get those hands in the dirt and make weeding part of your daily routine.

Finally, layer your gardens with Compost and Mulch.¬†Really, there isn’t anything more important during hot, summer months. Your plants are desparate for cooler, underground temperatures. Not only is it healthy, it is vital. Compost and Mulch also saves water, which allows your plants to bloom and grow more, using less of your time and energy in trouble shooting.

A little trouble shooting in your garden will reap months of garden bliss.

Happy Gardening , my friends!!