Waiting For the Oxbloods

It feels like forever since I saw them bloom last. Actually, it’s been a whole year… but who is counting? The Fall Bulb bloom is one of my favorite seasons of the entire year. Surviving a Texas summer is reason enough to celebrate Fall. The colors of Fall flower bulbs are so vivid and bold. No pastels necessary….just rich, deep shades of red and bold yellows.

My first Oxblood Lily appeared a few days ago. I’ve had a handful of rogue lilies that have randomly popped up, much like a reconnaissance team on the lookout for rain and cooler weather. The big bulb bloom is still to be seen, waiting for the first rainfall of the new season.

Fall Bulbs spend their summer months sleeping deep within the soil, The bulbs prefer a period of drought when they are dormant. If the bulbs receive too much water over the summer months, the bloom can be affected. It’s odd to me that a bulb can survive such dry and hot conditions. If the bulb doesn’t have a period of drought, it won’t appreciate the first rainfall of the new season. An Oxblood Lily thrives on the dry-first rain cycle.

Oxbloods are survivors. This particular lily is a symbol of perseverance, as if the bulb says “Well done, good and faithful (gardening) servant” after the long, hot sun of Summer. A beautiful gift to the soul.

Let’s face it…..No one likes a drought. Droughts test our physical abilities, our emotional health, and spiritual souls. Droughts test our attitudes and our very being. Droughts even test our faith.

“Will it EVER rain again???”

The Oxblood knows better….The beautiful bulb gently whispers to my ear….

“Oh, ye of little faith.”

I welcome the bloom of the Oxbloods like I welcome a new reassurance that everything will be ok. And it will. The weather will cool down, our society will find love again, civility will come back and the Oxbloods will bloom after the first rainfall of Fall. If you’d like an Oxblood Lily to add to your Southern Garden, send me an email. Heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com The bulbs are my gift to you. I just ask for $5 for shipping. We all need a little Oxblood love in our gardens

As for me, I’m just going to keep waiting….Waiting for the beautiful Oxbloods.

Happy Gardening, my friends.