Warm Greetings from W.C. Harvey

There she was…..blooming with her full southern charm.

W.C. Harvey are old Crinum that grace the garden during the hottest time of the year. Personally, I think she just knows that a grand entrance is a sign of true elegance. W.C. Harvey chooses her palest of pink attire, and I am always in awe of the soft pastel she clothes herself in.

Southern bulbs, like Crinum, are extremely hardy souls. Once planted, they will bring you endless greetings in your gardens. Choosing the right flowers for your garden can be a very exciting time. I tend to choose flowers that bring me the joy of having long-lasting garden friendships. I look forward to the seasons of greetings,year after year. Summertime is the season of the Crinum, and the beautiful W.C. Harvey.

W.,C. Harvey isn’t the only Heirloom Crinum I have in my garden, but this lovely lady never has to fight for attention. A few weeks back,  I had an enormous bloom out of Milk and Wine Crinum. Milk and Wine Crinum bloom the way I drink my own milk and wine….heartedly and borderline glutinous (especially when chocolate chip cookies are involved). After all the hoopla of the Milk and Wine fade, W.C. Harvey steps in, like a lady who is fashionably late to a garden party. She warmly greets the guests with exquisite elegance and true taste. She knows when to make her entrance and her beauty is all they see.

W.C. Harvey is also quite generous, and rewards her gardener with many baby bulbs as well. Once established, this lovely Crinum will be a centerpiece of your garden. Crinum enjoy sandy soil and afternoon shade….but I also have Crinum blooming heartedly in rocky,  crushed granite soil in full soil. The moral to the story is that Crinum bulbs really rock!! (Please excuse the terrible pun…it is a one cup of coffee kind of morning).

Crinum bulbs are available, by donation, as are Milk and Wine and Alba Crinum. Baby bulbs are $5, juvenile bulbs are $10, and large parent bulbs are $25. Parent bulbs are sold in person only…..some are quite heavy.

For questions, comments or to place an order, please email heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com

Happy Gardening, my friends!