Watching the Flowers Grow

“Mimi, let’s just sit here and watch the flowers grow.”

A unique request from a 3 year old boy…..but that’s how children are. Imaginative. Creative. Full of wonder. Explorers and future environmentalists.

All too often, we think it is the bells and whistles that children need. Adults have created a world with little time for flowers. I mean, let’s face it…….college scholarships depend on what sport your child plays at three years old!!!! (I’m actually joking….)  Early technology has replaced time spent outside exploring. Organized sports have replaced tree houses and games of Hide and Go Seek, Jumping Rope and Tag. Television has replaced time spent creating and  daydreaming. Life is now fast and competitive for the new generation. There is no time to sit and ‘just be’….but time spent watching the flowers grow is time wisely spent.

Nature soothes our hurried ways and grounds us.  Somehow, it’s innate. The need for nature is built into our souls. Even children have the need to stop and smell the roses. Gardeners are some of the most peaceful, joyful people I know. 

“Can we just sit and watch the flowers grow?”

Absolutely. Happy gardening, my friends. May you find a special bloom today as you survey the beauty around you.