Watching The Gardens Go

It’s hard to watch something go….something so treasured and loved.

I’ve always been very particular of my gardens. I know exactly where I got each group of bulbs. I have memories of the different places I’ve dug over the years. Each flower reflects different times in my life I needed the serenity of the shovel. My gardens are filled with years of moments I spent reflecting, surveying and pondering in my gardens among the bulbs. My gardens have become an extension of my soul. I don’t often let other people in without proper garden tours…..along with  my endless explanations of the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of each bulb. Even my parents are forced to take ‘garden tours’ when they come to visit.

It’s been three months since the flood. Even with digging bulbs every day, there is still SO MUCH to salvage. My elbow hurts, my time is limited and I’m getting tired……..So, I have let two dear friends go the gardens unattended.

This is a big step for me. It’s hard to watch the gardens go. It’s hard to visit my gardens, my sanctuary, and see the holes of remembrances. Where did my Paperwhites from my Mother in Law go? Where did the Oxbloods from the East Dallas lot go? Where did the Crinum I dug after my first Fiddle Contest in Hallettsville go? (Now remember……I already have groups of these bulbs moved. I just haven’t moved “EVERYTHING”) It’s kind of ridiculous that I remember every little bulb in the garden, but I can’t remember what day it is.

My friend Amy texted after her dig yesterday…..

“I got a lot of Paperwhites, a lot of Oxbloods, a lot of Crinum, some ferny-stuff (Yarrow, Amy…It’s called Yarrow),  and a few Lilies I think” (@!##$$@! What?? You think?? Omygosh. My heart!)

I imagined 5 truckloads of bulbs leaving my house.

Amy already knew this was a big step for me. We had laughed and enjoyed the stories about the super-dream-team digging up the massive Crinum bulbs that I was unable to retrieve. Watching my gardens go is like watching my children go. I call them my bulb children.

“You know……Digging “a lot” really means truckloads.”

She laughed. “Ok. Ok. Then some. I got some.”

My heart stopped beating so erratically. I breathed a bit easier. My bulbs have a nice new home now. She was so excited. She actually told me the three things that have kept her sanity are “Jesus, bulbs and my friendship.” Now if that’s not a reason to rejoice in letting go, I simply don’t know what is!!!! I can rest knowing that the gardens are loved. The flowers are spreading their wings and creating beauty and solace beyond just the boundary of my own garden.

Isn’t that just like God to take something, that was His in the first place, and allow it to be bloomed and be rooted elsewhere? To provide beauty and hope to a new soul?

All this time,  I worried about what would happen to my gardens if we moved…..God showed me the answer. Watching the gardens go has reminded me the importance of  “Bloom where you are planted.” He will make beautiful all that was destroyed.

Life isn’t predictable. Floods happen. Watching something go is just a part of life. The amazing part is that the beauty of life will continue to bloom. New eyes will gaze upon it. New memories will be established. New gardens will be created, and new ponderings will happen. Watching the gardens go is actually a beautiful thing.

Happy Gardening, my friends.