Weariness In (and out) of the Garden


A task that is just too overwhelming.

A project that is unending.

A job that is ongoing.

Weariness steps in, like a heavy cloud. Your vision becomes grey and overwhelmed. Your eyes see the load, the overwhelming task layed out before you, and you no longer can see the beauty in anything.


Growing weary in an ongoing garden is to be expected. Seasons change. Tasks change. Weeds grow and beloved flowers die.


Honestly, I am not a fan of weariness. I feel useless and overwhelmed. I stay inside and mope. Nothing gets done except growing more weary. All the things I normally love seem too heavy and overwhelming.

There are definately seasons of weariness….. a new-found disability, a failed job or marriage, financial ruin, a lost garden, a doomed political environment, or, in my case, a house destroyed by a flood. These are all seasons of life. The truth is, we all have seasons of weariness.

Finding joy in the weariness of life is a choice. It is choosing to look beyond the obvious and see the miraculous.

Joy is a choice. Happiness is fleeting and superficial, dependant on how we feel about our circumstances around us. Joy comes from within.

Depth of character.

Reliance on the unseen.

Hope in tomorrow.

Joy trudges forth, through the season of weariness, and smiles at the beauty to come. Joy bubbles up from the soul, like a spring of water. Joy is knowing that the Lord is truly in control, while clinging to the promise “This, too, shall pass.”

It is amazing to me that so many of the Lord’s parables are through the garden. For me, I feel closest to the Lord while in the garden. My worldly worries fade, and my joy is renewed. He soothes my soul. Maybe there are truly  “reasons for the seasons”…..to give us empathy for others and to draw us closer to Him. All I know is that the seasons of weariness in (and out) of the garden do change………

“Cone to Me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Happy Gardening, my friends. May you find beauty in the mundane, joy in the garden cleanup, and hope in the Spring bloom that will soon arrive….as the seasons change.