What do I do? I dig for rock…that’s what I do.

River rocks given to me by a dear friend

Honestly. I simply can’t explain the amount of rock there is at the Agape Haus. I often wonder how many rocks exist in my garden. Then I realize it is futile to count rocks that multiply like rabbits, so I just go back to digging. The “soil” (or lack there of) is a gardener’s nightmare. Yet, this is my beloved studio. This is the lovely place that the Lord has ordained, and the place I am to tend.. This little piece of earth is worth every ounce of the soil restoration that I am fervently working towards…..so I just keep on digging up rock.

Today was quite productive. It was a gorgeous, sun-shiney day so I stayed outside for most of the afternoon. I planted 6 Spanish Lavender plants, Lemon and French Thyme, Oregon and Chocolate Mint. I dug up and relocated a Heritage Rose and a Martha Gonzalez Antique Rose. The folks who help with the Garden Project hung the old swing, which I’m beyond thrilled for. I moved the little red table and chairs over by the swing and made a little sitting area. There are currently Crinum in the bed, so I will need to dig those up.There is also a very high probability that I will move the stepping stones to make the sitting area under rhe trees more permanent, I’m not sure yet. I have to pace myself with moving all the big rock. After all, I’m not a kid anymore.

Soil restoration in the rocky granite-garden looks different than the restoration of the sandy soils. Each time I plant a new flower bulb, I sift through the dirt and pull out all the rocks. It sounds simple enough, but it is very time consuming. Fortunately for me, my brain focuses in on the meaningless task of small rock removal. I actually enjoy the mindless rhythms of the project. In each rockless hole, I fill it with a mixture of Live Oak leaf and stick debris. Natural decay of organic matter is how nature rejuvenates the soil. With the absense of the chickens, I should start seeing more worms, which will renew the soil.

I am beyond grateful for my little rocky piece.of earth. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to obtain this property. When I look back to how ill-equipped I was to tear down an old house to make room for gardens, I am aware that none of this was my own doing. This entire project is of the Lord’s guidance…..I just am the rock digger. 🙂

There are countless reasons the Lord placed humanity first in a garden. The changing of seasons and growing cycles of the garden teaches us about how to look beyond our present circumstances to the next stage of life. Faith can be learned by planting a seed that will actually die to itself, only to emerge as a beautiful new life. An old, ugly, ratty looking bulb will show its true beauty through an awe-inspiring flower. Soil rejuvenation constantly reminds me of how the Lord removes the rocky parts of my character and rejuvinates my own soul.. So many beautiful lessons about life to learn through gardening…..

And that’s why I continue to dig up rock. It’s just what I do.

Happy Gardening, my friends. May you see the Lord’s handiwork and guidance in every aspect of your gardens….even in the most mundane task as digging up rocks.