When in Doubt, Plant Some Oxalis

I spent yesterday planting Oxalis….braving the ridiculously cold wind. All gardening conditions were horrid….even the “soil” (if that’s what it is called) was horrible. I have never planted in pure crumbled rocky granite until yesterday. I figured that if Bermuda-hell-grass will grow, then so will Oxalis.

Oxalis is a tough southern bulb that will go dormant in the heat of summer, but will pop back up during Spring, Fall and Winter. Oxalis is commonly called clover and children love it. The cute clover-like tuffs are adorned with even cuter little pink, white or yellow flowers. Absolutely charming.

I use Oxalis to outline gardens, circle trees or perennials, and to enunciate special bulbs, so rhey aren’t lost when dormant. Oxalis is an early bloomer. This is important to the bees. Oxalis is a wonderful nectar source, and your gardens will have a delightful buzz with all the new bees.

Oxalis is also edible. Somehow, children are simply attracted to it. My children wouldn’t touch a salad on a plate, but would eat Oxalis out of the garden as if it were candy. “Tastes spicy!” (though I never tried it). My chickens and rabbits also adore it, so I don’t plant it near the chicken coop. Flowers are too precious to me to be eaten.

Want some Oxalis? Don’t forget to mark your calenders for Saturday, March 9th. The flooded house gardens will be open to the public for a garden dig. Gardeners will be given a paper bag, and can dig up bulb delights for free…..an old-fashioned garden swap for the 21st century….

Happy Gardening, my friends!!