When Life Gives You Weeds, Look For The Milkweed

Each night I pull a bucket or two of thorns and sticker weeds. Stickers are literally EVERYWHERE….even in my hands. Tonight was different. As I dug up a sticker clump, I saw something that made my heart leap…..Milkweed.

Native Butterfly-Loving Milkweed.

I’m not one to brag, but I have killed over 30 Milkweed plants. I have had only two survive, which is a miracle in it’s own right. Milkweed is tough to transplant. Borderline impossible. Apparantly, there is a taproom that doesn’t like to be bothered. Milkweed also doesn’t like to be planted by seed, unless you do some hocus-pocusy stuff to it….including slitting the seed, wrapping in a moist paper towel and then refrigerate. Honestly, how does Milkweed even survive on it’s own in the wild?? It seems bound and determined to go extinct.

Now you understand why my heart fluttered when I saw some Milkweed growing within the weeds! All I have ever wanted was a native patch of Milkweed.

If I had looked away, I would’ve missed it.

If I would’ve missed it, it would get mowed down.

If it would get mowed down, the beautiful flowers wouldn’t have a chance to go to seed.

If the seeds wouldn’t germinate, then how on earth would I get more Milkweed on my property?

It was fate. Milkweed Fate.

So I lovingly placed some very large rocks around my Milkweed treasure, and I’m going to bed knowing I found a beloved Milkweed among the weeds.

Be on the lookout, my friends. There are always bits of joy that can be found amongst the weeds…..we just have to look.

Happy Gardening, My Flower Friends!