Why I Dig

No one ever earned a living from just selling just Heirloom Bulbs. There…..I said it. But…..that’s not why I dig.

Heirloom Bulbs are truly the perfect flower. They are hardy. They multiply. You can’t even kill them (well, I suppose if gasoline is involved anything is possible). Heirloom Bulbs are beautiful, charming and elegant…..and they live forever.

Selling Heirloom Bulbs is like selling your Grandmother’s perfect cookie recipe. One recipe will keep your senses happy for years. That is why I have designated  2018 as my year for  giving.

Each bulb I have, I have pulled out of the earth from harm’s way. I have wrangled rattle snakes,  waited through thunderstorms,, hopped fences, ripped jeans and missed meetings…..just for a bulb. I could have just ordered one from one of the many bulb companies…..but these bulbs are different.

I know their story.

I know their history.

I know their heritage.

I touched the land they grew on.

I spoke with their gardeners.

Some bulbs had outlived their gardeners, so I had to only imagine who planted them.

I feel a part of the past when I lift 100 year old bulbs out of the ground….land and bulbs that are about to be bulldozed. I feel a sense of peace knowing that I am preserving something that was precious to a gardener long ago.

These bulbs deserve a second chance….much like we all do.

A chance to grow.

A chance to flourish.

A chance to live out our years surrounded by beauty.

I will never earn my living from selling heirloom bulbs, but that’s not why I dig.

I dig to rescue an old gardener’s bulb.

I dig for you.