Worms for the Worm Box

If you don’t like worms, you might want to skip this blog…..

Summertime brings out the “plant protector” in me. Something about the heat scorching down on my poor, beloved gardens makes me go full out in protector-mode. I’ve dabbled in having worms before……I always fail. Somehow, keeping worms alive is harder than i realized. If worm castings weren’t so beneficial to the gardens, I would throw away my pride and chalk in my losses. But yesterday, on one of the hottest days of the year, I bought more worms.

Worm Castings are known in garden circles are “black gold”. Rich, dark, fertile nutrients that provide your soil with everything it lacks. Truly. Worm Castings are the best way to fertilize your plants organically. Worms eat your unwanted garbage, and in return, worms give you the thank-you gift of castings.

I have a large cast iron bathtub that was taken out of the studio during early renovations. It was stuck inside the chicken coop, where it was used to keep baby chicks safe. Then rabbits used it as their go-to bathroom spot. Yesterday, I realized it would be the perfect place for a worm bin. My husband had built a worm-bin for me, using an an tub. I filled it with compost, and watched, in horror, as I grew only roaches and fly larva…..which ate my worms. Epic failure. Since I am not one to fold, I bought more worms.

I fed the new worms some veggie scraps, watered the left over bits of alfalfa, and covered them up with wet paper sacks. As soon as I finish this blog, I’m going to check things out…..and hope that my worms are alive, and doing their thing.

It’s summer. The heat is oppressive and the gardens are desparately needing extra love. I’m hoping to not have another failure, but with learning, there is always a curve. Sometimes you win a few and sometimes you lose. The end result with be golden….black gold, that is.

Worms. Not for the faint of heart.

Happy Gardening, my friends!